Here are maps covering the period of Richard Howells life and the American Revolution. Also, there are maps from the United Kingdom and specifically Wales.

Maps of early family locations

Ebenezer Howell - 1736 Map - Newark De.

Newark De. -1736



Colonial Period


American Colonies


Revolutionary War Period


New Jersey Battles


Plan map for the attack on Trenton NJ


The Forage War 1777

Map of New Jersey during rev war

New Jersey and Long Island

map-of-new-jersey Rev sites

Revolution in New Jersey

Battle of Monmouth USMA

Battle of Monmouth

Vintage Monmouth Map

Monmouth Map

1777 Battle of Germantown montresor

1777 Battle of Germantown montresor

1777 - 1778 Valley Forge Camp

1777 – 1778 Valley Forge Encampment

Battle of Brandywine Map

Battle of Brandywine


Path towards American Independence

battle_of_brandywine-usma-edu-history (1)

Battle of Brandywine


Battle of Germantown

British War Map 1776

British War Map 1776

His Majesties Forces in New York

His Majesties Forces in New York


Post Revolutionary War

United Kingdom

Radnor 1627

Radnor (in Wales) 1627

Earliest Known Map of Wales

Earliest Known Map of Wales

Brittain ad 500

Brittain ad 500

Roman Era Wales Forts Fortlets Roads c. 75 - late 300s

Roman Era Wales Roads c. 75 – late 300s

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