Gov. Howell to U.S. Senators John Rutherford and Richard Stockton – July 12, 1798

This letter discusses a secret visit by George Washington and State appointments.

“…I find the old General-in-Chief, the good Washington is going to make a tour to Boston; ask anybody, by any means, discover how he will arrive at Trenton, on his nay, if you will oblige me. Try old Tim Peck, McHenry or even the old and good President to find out – but if Major Dandridge is along with the General, present my compliment to him and beg him to acquaint you as far as is consistent with orders…I have a letter from Dr. William Cozens requesting me to recommend him as Adjutant. I know the man to be humble, active, and I believe brave, but his family were the last war the other way. As to his sentiments, I believe they are Federal to the backbone. He is sober and remember, he was a boy when the Revolution began. Shall we judge him by the sins of the father? I answered the address of [Robert] Morris at the Township of Caldwell, taking it by paragraphs…”

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