Dr. Lewis Howell Surgeon for the 2nd New Jersey Battalion (1754-1778)

Dr. Lewis Howell


Surgeon for the 2nd New Jersey Battalion

Dr. Lewis Howell was the twin brother of Richard Howell.  Lewis Howell was a participant in the Greenwich Tea Party.  Dr. Howell was the Surgeon for the 2nd New Jersey Regiment from December 1774 until his death on 5 June 1778.  Dr. Howell inoculated his regiment by pulling a thread infected with the small pox virus through the skin with a needle. During the bitter winter at Valley Forge he purchased blankets with his own money for the men in his regiment.  With the assistance of his Surgeon’s mate, Ebenezer Elmer, he preformed amputations, musket ball extractions, sutured wounds, tended the sick and administered countless other medical procedures. At the age of 24 Dr. Howell gave the ultimate sacrifice in service to his new nation. Dr Howell died of an illness at Blackhorse Tavern in New Jersey just 7 days after the battle of Monmouth. Currently it is unknown where Dr. Howell was laid to rest. If anyone reading this knows where he was buried or has any information about Dr. Howell please contact us. There will be much more to come on Dr. Howell.

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