Here is a list of documents we have collected over the years

New Jersey Historic Society News Pamphlet on New Jersey Historical sites and activities
 Governor Howell Short Biographical Sketch on Richard Howell
2nd New Jersey Returns  Discussion about the 2nd New Jersey Regiment and it activities
History Of New Jersey For It’s Early Years This is a Book about the earliest years in New Jersey
New Jersey As A Colony And As A State Book on New Jersey from Colony to Statehood
History Of The New Jersey Brigade Timeline of the New Jersey Brigade
The Pennsylvania Magazine Of History And Biography There is a short Biographical Sketch of Richard Howell from pages 221 to 222
Battles And Skirmishes Of The American Revolution In New Jersey Book about the battles that were fought in New Jersey during the American Revolution
Tea Burners Of Cumberland County New Jersey Book about the 130th Anniversary of the Greenwich Tea Burning and the monument commemorating it that was dedicated in 1908
Cumberland Patriot Newsletter Spring 2009 Cumberland Patriot Newsletter Spring 2009 covering the 100th anniversary of the Tea Burning Monument for 1908-2008

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